On 2016

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post a 2016 wrap-up. Truthfully, I didn’t really plan to do much at the start of the year. I went with my gut a lot this year and just let life take me where it wanted. My decisions weren’t so planned out this year, and I am fine with that.

I didn’t think I would do much in 2016, and I didn’t, but the year surprised me nonetheless.

With that, I’ll keep things short and sweet.

Among other things this year I:

  • Rang in the New Year with my family in the Philippines — bringing together our entire extended family from Malaysia, Singapore, USA, and other parts of the Philippines for the first time in DECADES!
  • Started writing for a living!
  • Rekindled my love for photography
  • Went to Seoul and met Tara
  • Reunited with friends and my aunt who I hadn’t seen in 11 years! (Also in Seoul!)
  • Visited my best friend in Seattle
  • Took part in my first broadcast!
  • Pitched my first campaign EVER
  • Became a contributor for April Magazine
  • Said goodbye to my first “grown-up” job
  • Landed a job in social media & marketing 

It doesn’t seem like I really did much this year, but I had little victories here and there. I’m most proud of finally deciding to focus on being a creative. It was a difficult choice and one that I’d been juggling for years, but this is what I want to do. I’m scared but excited and totally ready to keep making things in 2017.