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Lights, Camera, Wait….what?!!

Welcome to another edition of Shayne tries to catch you up on what she’s doing with her life through her blog that probably only has 10 [awesome] readers. Thanks for joining me!

This week I’ve been really busy tying up all the loose ends with several projects that I’ve been working on. In a couple of weeks I am presenting a proposal for a marketing campaign. Next Tuesday, I present a different proposal for a final project. Earlier today, I took part in a broadcast, and some time this month another one of my articles for April will go live. Oh, and I just got back from Seattle!

Phew! I hope you don’t read my blog out loud because that last paragraph was a mouthful. Anyways, here’s a recap on how everything went down!

Seattle, my love!

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If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know that I visited Seattle with family in the first week of November. It was tons of fun! I hung out with my best friend, her boyfriend, and met some really cool people at one of my favorite retailers, BAIT. To be honest, there wasn’t really anything super special about this trip other than getting to hang out with my best friend. I think, when you go back to a place that feels like home, it doesn’t really have to be special. I just liked having the time to explore old stomping grounds and chill with everyone I was with.

Writer For Hire

I know that everyone is just about done with 2016 and wish this year was over. I completely agree with that sentiment, but a lot of great things happened for me this year. It’d be wrong to not count every blessing, new experience, and turning point. A 2016 wrap-up is for a whole different post, but I do want to say that I love that 2016 had been the year that I’ve finally been able to write for a living. That is a dream come true for me. And, even though I am busier than anybody should ever let themselves be, I am so happy I get to write with my own voice about issues I care about and people I admire.

If you want to link up, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at!

Teleprompters hate me.

I took part in my first broadcast today and have come to a conclusion that teleprompters hate me and/or my voice. Anyway, I thought that the experience was less nerve-wracking than I imagined it to be. It was my first time reading someone else’s writing for broadcast. I hope I did their work justice. If not, well, sorry.

Thoughts on Vlogging

I’ve been noticing that more and more bloggers are turning into vloggers. My life isn’t super interesting but I think people will get a better insight into what I’m writing about if I include short videos in my posts. I’m not even sure enough people read this to even care about whether or not a video should be included. It’s just something I’m contemplating for both posterity and just for a better blog/reader/follower experience. What do you think?


  1. Goooooooo with the vlogs! I’ve been uploading videos on YT for a couple of months now but just recently announced it on my blog. Haha It doesn’t necessarily have to be the daily vlogs, because honestly, that shit can be exhausting and tedious. I love doing videos of the new food places I visit. Maybe you can do the same with your travels? 🙂

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  2. Yay, I’m an awesome reader! Hahaha

    Congratulations on your work! 🙂 2016 has been a pretty good year for me too, and the reason why I want to 2017 to come is because I’m excited for another batch of goals to achieve hehehe

    What’s with the broadcast? Are you a host or something? 🙂

    Go for vlogging na din! My life is so boring but I still want to vlog hahaha I won’t probably do a daily vlog, but I’ll just vlog if I have something hehe just like blogging. Hehehe

    • You’re totally awesome!!! Hahaha

      I shot a local broadcast with a group of friends and content creators in my area. It was just something small. 🙂

  3. Wow, you’ve certainly been busy! 😀 And woot for the broadcast! That’s a big step, eh?

    I’m not into watching vloggers. I have no patience for them because I’d rather just read something (at a speed I can control) . . . but if it’s something you feel will help you in the long run, I say go for it! ^^

    • I think eventually, I will do vlogs. I feel like it’s such a good time to start because I’m so busy haha. It’ll just be for posterity in the long run so I can look back!

  4. Go get into vlogging na rin, so I have one more blogger friend to watch when I want to take a break from (school)work! 😀

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