Month: November 2016

Lights, Camera, Wait….what?!!

Welcome to another edition of Shayne tries to catch you up on what she’s doing with her life through her blog that probably only has 10 [awesome] readers. Thanks for joining me! This week I’ve been really busy tying up all the loose ends with several projects that I’ve been working on. In a couple of weeks I am presenting a proposal for a marketing campaign. Next Tuesday, I present a different proposal for a final project. Earlier today, I took part in a broadcast, and some time this month another one of my articles for April will go live. Oh, and I just got back from Seattle! Phew! I hope you don’t read my blog out loud because that last paragraph was a mouthful. Anyways, here’s a recap on how everything went down!

While the Feeling’s Still Fresh: A Letter to Those Who Wrote-In Harambe

I took this photo and meant to post it yesterday morning to encourage people to vote. I didn’t do that and now I wish I did. Last night, I thought that enough of my peers would cast their votes to continue moving us forward. I believed in our generation, and I believed in my friends, colleagues, and everyone who showed me their progressive and inclusive values. I believed in you. I also believed that you cared about your community. I thought that you would take the time to read up on what was happening in your own state, in your own city, in your own backyard. That’s where your vote matters most because you have to live with those circumstances the most. Instead, we had people write in “Harambe” and willingly nullify their vote for the most important election we’ve seen in recent history. Oh, and let’s not forget about the ones who kept saying, “I don’t want to vote, our choices suck.” They also decided not to vote at all because, in their minds, …