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The Book of Questions 004

Would you rather be extremely successful professionally and have a tolerable yet unexciting private life, or have an extremely happy private life and only a tolerable and uninspiring professional life?

I want to be successful, but I think I’d be better with a happy private life. I think I’d be more happy that way rather than being ultra-successful but no one to really share that with. A good life at home makes the lackluster job more tolerable, I guess.

Would you accept twenty years of extraordinary happiness and fulfillment if it meant you would die at the end of the period?

Nah! Being happy is cool, but I also think that if you’re going to be happy all the time, you kind of miss out on important life lessons, you know? I want to experience the good and the bad, come out of it all, and then really be happy.

Do you feel you have enough time? If not, what would give you that feeling? How much has your attitude about time changed as you’ve aged?

I do, actually. I think our lives are longer than what we think and the whole idea that we have to rush and accomplish things by a certain age is preposterous. And, yeah, I know that tomorrow’s never really promised, but living in the moment (as cliché as that sounds) makes life more fulfilling. I think that, as I get older, time is all relative to me. I’m not worried about it at all. I’m more worried about being in touch with who I am at this point in my life and being there for the people I care about.

Do you feel you have much impact on the lives of people you come in contact with? Can you think of someone who, over a short period of time, significantly influenced your life?

I’d like to think I do, but to be honest, I probably don’t impact a lot of people. I just kind of tell it how it is, but from my own perspective and don’t really count on people to agree with me.

I learned a lot from my trip to China last year. I know that I mention that trip a lot, but I met so many wonderful people in Beijing who seriously changed and renewed so much of what I thought I knew about the world.

Do you think we’re all running out of time?


This blog series takes and answers questions from The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, PhD.


  1. I think I’d choose the extremely happy private life, too. I’d have to agree, maybe that’ll make up for the uninspiring professional life. Haha. lol. This is very interesting. Might try this blog series, too.

  2. I would definitely have a successful private life than a super successful life in the spotlight. Family has always been one of the most important things to me, so I feel like if I didn’t have that, everything else would just be very superficial and meaningless to me. If I’ve got the right people behind me, I can get through anything else. 🙂

    I am slowly learning to live at my own pace and to not feel like I have to meet certain expectations or accomplish certain things by a specific age. It’s been a hard lesson to learn (because I’m always comparing myself to everyone else) but it’s a super valuable one that I’m glad I’m finally getting into my thick brain, haha.

    These are some really cool questions. Also, it’s nice to meet you Shayne! 😀

    • I feel the same way! My family is super important to me and any amount of success wouldn’t mean a thing without them behind me 100%!

      It’s nice to meet you, too! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’ve kinda been neglecting this space.

  3. I’m a Type A overachiever, so I think my life is more like the former right now (good professionally, very quiet personally). That kind of question is hard because why can’t I have both?

    I feel like I never have enough time to do everything I want. 🙁 I guess I would if I slept less hahaha!

    • Hahaha! I’m just now getting to replying to comments. I guess if I didn’t sleep so much either, I’d probably have way more time! That and if I didn’t spend so much time binging on Netflix. =/

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  5. I don’t feel that I don’t have enough time. We only have 24 hours for the day and sometimes I can’t be so much efficient to make my work done. We really need some extra time to do some task when needed.

    • Yeah, sometimes I feel like we should get at least a couple of hours. Usually, that’s on the days I’m least productive. Haha

  6. I never imagined myself successful with the corporate world. I’ve always wanted to become a housewife! Haha So I’d rather be that and be happy, that have the highest position in the company but not really happy. Haha

    Lately I’ve been thinking I don’t have much time. And yes sometimes I look at my age and wow, how much have I achieved yet? As much as I want to “live in the moment” I often think of my future. Okay, I’ll do everything now, but what happens next? What happens if I become older, and I don’t even have my own home to stay at? Haha, things like that.

    • Aww, Mei! You shouldn’t feel pressured to achieve things. I think you’re way younger than me, too! You’ve got plenty of time. Even so, we shouldn’t feel like we have to rush to do things. 🙂 We all have a different trajectory and whatever comes to us will come soon enough! 🙂

  7. In a way, it is tempting to want to be happy all the time, but that isn’t realistic at all. We have multiple emotions for a reason, and by experiencing even the negative ones, we grow and change as a human.

    I’m definitely all for living in the moment. Sure, we can think about the past and the present, but we don’t have to stay in the past or mull about the future all the time. If we did, we’d never get anything done! I do wish I had more time on my hand, but I just have to be better with my time management skills, haha!

    I know I’ve impacted on people I’ve come across in life, but I never really know how I impact someone. But I don’t think I’ve made that big of an impact, you know? At least I’m not aware of who I may have impacted in a huge way.

    • HAHAHA! I totally agree that I don’t feel like I have enough time sometimes because I suck at managing the time I do have!

      I’d like to think I’ll leave something behind for people whenever I meet them and we part ways. Whatever that is, I hope it’s good!

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