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Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

I can’t go a day without snacking. If you’re like me and love snacks, it can be hard to keep yourself from indulging. I used to eat something sweet at about 2:30pm everyday at work, just to get myself back up and alert. Nowadays, I’m trying to build better habits. I’m actually eating more than I used to, but filling my appetite with anything besides what’s in the vending machine. When I need a pick-me-up, I usually try to get my hands on these snacks!

5. Popcorn

When I was younger, my mother didn’t let us eat too much junk food. I literally didn’t know what a Dorito was until I started going to school. The closest thing to chips we had was popcorn. Air-popped popcorn is apparently a good source of fiber, says one of the nurses I work with. I don’t really about those kinds of things, I just know it’s good. Ha! Every now and then, I eat about half 2 cups of unsalted, no-butter popcorn on days when I might feel empty in the afternoon and can’t eat until I get home.

4. Apples

I eat three apples a day, I don’t know if that’s too much but I love apples so much. When I was in third grade, I remember taking the classroom’s apples from the lunch cart because I wanted to eat them at home! No one was eating them at school, anyway so…. I’m not too sure about the health benefits of apples either, but my paternal grandmother once said to me, [Filipino accent] “Apples are good for my high blood [pressure], you should eat them too.” So, I guess that always stuck with me! haha

3. Bananas

My mom swears that bananas keep her from feeling bloated. Naturally, my Asian Mom wants me to maintain a healthy weight (hahaha do you sense my sarcasm and underlying issues in this statement?), so she always reminds me to eat my bananas. Which, I don’t mind because they’re also one of my favorite fruits. As a snack, I’ll eat bananas with peanut butter or, of course, by itself.

2. Sweet Potatoes

I have very vivid memories of my maternal grandmother boiling sweet potatoes every day when I’d get home from school. There would be half a dozen sweet potatoes ready for me to devour. I’ve always loved them, and to this day, I’ll eat them wherever, whenever. I’ve only recently learned about its health benefits.

1. Swiss Cheese

I LOVE CHEEZZEEE! When I used to dance, we would always have swiss cheese for after-practice snacks. They were part of our protein regimen, and I just haven’t been able to shake them since. However, this isn’t a snack that I’ll eat a hoard of at one sitting. I just think it fills my unrelenting cravings for cheesy things and I’ll eat a couple small pieces if I get a hankering for chips or a burger. I ultimately want those things because of the cheese! hahaha

Aside from this list, my ultra-forever-favorite things to eat are: cucumbers, grape tomatoes, persimmons, and all the melons!

What are your favorite snacks?

Note: I am not a doctor nor an expert in health/dieting/fitness/etc. I just like to eat these foods and was told they were somewhat better choices. If you’re starting healthier habits and don’t exactly know where to start, please consult someone (i.e.: not me because I’m a n00b) who knows what they’re talking about. =)


  1. I feel so unhealthy comparing what I snack on to yours. Hahaha! I really, really love junk food. I can give up almost everything else except it. 🙁 For healthy snacks, I love dried mangoes, apples, and bananas! Cheese also makes my list. I just love them so much. <3

  2. I’ve heard the same thing about popcorn, but I don’t like it in general because they tend to get stuck in between my teeth (especially when I still had my braces on). Chilled grapes, orange, apples, and pineapples are my favorite fruit snacks. Lately, I’ve been snacking on bananas, too. My other favorite is snacking on celery with homemade tzatziki sauce!

    • Have you ever tried puffed kettle corn? The hulls aren’t nearly as big as regular hulls and they don’t get stuck! 🙂 Pineapples are another favorite, too, but I just hate the process of cutting one haha! I’ve never tried celery with tzatziki, it sounds awesome! I like dipping my apples in vinegar sometimes.

  3. I love sweet potatoes, but can’t have them here much currently, because my grandmother can’t stand sweet potatoes—not even the smell!

    I love banana ice cream, fruit (most fruits, but not those that are pains to peel, because I’m not supposed to have non-peel-friendly fruit), popcorn, and pizza rolls. I’m kind of a healthy snacker, but I don’t pay much attention to the health benefits or my weight as much as many people around me wish I did. I’m not overweight or anything, though—I just have a lot of allergies and eat things other than a salad…because I’m allergic to everything in salad. >.< I also like snacking on carrots, though! If I’m feeling energetic, I might throw them into a smoothie…that I only started making because I felt energetic. :p

    • Whoa! I’d never thought of carrots in a smoothie. I tend to like mine chopped up little pieces or in a stew. Sweet potatoes are pretty awesome though, I loved them mashed!

  4. Sweet potatoes are definitely popular amongst the Koreans as their snack! But . . . I can’t see them as snack myself XD;;

    Apples with peanut butter are awesome, but I discovered I have an oral allergy syndrome to raw apples and almost every other raw tree-based fruits with the exceptions of bananas and citrus fruits T_T I was hopping mad upon that discovery because I’d finally found a way to enjoy apples.

    Anyway, I snack on junk food LOLOL. I really need to cut back and eat healthier . . .

    • It’s weird because I feel like sweet potatoes are considered snacks almost everywhere except the US and other Western countries. Hahaha I did see some sweet potatoes in Korean films/shows. They look a lot tastier than what I make, though!

  5. Aissa says

    Kamote! Who doesn’t love them? Nuts, seeds, yogurt, and fruits are some of my favorite snacks 😀

    • I like yogurt, but I can’t get into the habit of eating it regularly. Whenever I buy yogurt, it stays in my fridge and I’ll probably eat one or two containers and then it goes bad. 🙁

  6. Popcorn is definitely up there for me too! I recently started subscribing to Naturebox and they’ve got some really great snacks in there too. They have these chipotle flavoured nuts, and I’m glad they only give you a small bag because I could serious eat a whole barrel.

    • I just checked out Naturebox, and all of their snacks look amazing! I’d probably eat the whole barrel, too!

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