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Life Lately 003: The Blues

The Season’s Changing

It’s pretty close to feeling like spring around here. I’m liking it a lot, although, I don’t think we had that much of a winter. Anchorage is really starting to feel like a true Pacific Northwest town, with bits of snow here and there but nothing that lasts. In recent years, the snow has been less dense and a lot more wet and slushy. Winter as I knew it is only a distant memory from my childhood — it’s sad. Not even the mountains are completely covered.

Too Soon

I’d played around in the job pool for a little bit earlier in the year, but I came to a realization that maybe I was in over my head. I decided not to follow-up with any prospective employers (read: I stopped caring if I got the job). In the end, I was just in a slump. I didn’t know where I fit in my current job, but I also feel comfortable here and don’t know that other places will be as accommodating with the work-life balance I have here. I guess I’m settling, guys. I don’t like that, but it’s only for now. I know I won’t be here forever.

Travel Blues asked this question on Twitter and I had to respond. This sums up what I feel about traveling and why it is important to me. However, it’s still easier said than done. I really want to be one of those people who can stay in one place and find joy in the mundane. I thought I was that person for a really long time, but I’m inherently not.

I think I get that type of spirit from my mom and knowing what she was like when she was younger. She was a volunteer in her twenties and did a lot of work within her community and surrounding areas. She was never in one place. I never really got that opportunity to just be free, do what I want, and leave my hand print on different parts of the world. I want to travel with a purpose, but sometimes real life hits me like a brick. I did sign up to be part of a summer program in China again, but I don’t know if the timing is as fitting as last year’s and if I can go again. I’m sure I’ll scramble to figure that out once or if I even receive the acceptance letter.

In Lighter News

  • I’ve been trying a new skin care routine for the past couple of months and I touch my face some much these days because it feels so good. THANK YOU, SOUTH KOREANS!
  • I’ve lost some weight. I haven’t weighed myself because I don’t like to do that. However, my clothes are all becoming extremely loose. I should go shopping, but since people have been dressing like it’s the 90s, I’m thinking I can get away with looking like I’m wearing baggy pants?!!
  • I’ve taken control of my snacking and eating copious amounts of food that shouldn’t be consumed. I am also thinking about the idea of swearing off sugar.
  • My walks during my work breaks have become longer without my intention, also. I think that has to do with the streets clearing up. During the colder months, I walk laps on the parking garage’s roof. Now that it’s a little warmer, I’m walking to the park close by.
  • One of my tweets ended up on Saab Magalona’s blog and I fangirled out.

What’s new with you?


  1. Yeah, me too! I understand your dilemma. I’m also grateful for my current job in terms of work-life balance but it just doesn’t feel rewarding. I have major plans on going though, so for now I have to be patient. 🙂

    Good job on cutting down on sugar! I have sweet tooth, I’ve tried and failed so many times. Haha!

    • I’m still at a limbo between where I want to be now vs. where I know I should be later. I’m trying to figure out an action plan! hahaha!

  2. Yes to all these little victories!!! Hehe! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to look into new regimens for my face (I need to get rid of this scarzzz ugh) and I’m definitely looking into korean products! Hehe 🙂

    • I’m sure you’ll find something within the plethora of Korean products. They’re all pretty powerful and gentle at the same time!

  3. I am having a hard time with my job right now, I even thought o resigning and moving on to a new company, but things change, and I have to think of my priorities first, so as of now I am decided to stay. FOR NOW.

    I also don’t weigh because I don’t like it. But I think over the years, I’ve gained weight because it’s noticeable on my body. What skin care are you using? I want to try something new but I am scared o it because my skin is sensitive and it might cause breakouts.

    • I was scared, too! I tried the products anyway because I’ll try anything once. The stuff I’m using is really gentle. I do a 10-step routine!

  4. YAY for your little victories, Yen! I had the same dilemma when I bought some new clothes for work. I only picked up a few items since they might go to waste if I start losing more weight. I’ve noticed that I’m a size smaller in jeans; thank God for belts! Hahaha!

    P.S. You know I fully support you in cutting down on your sugar consumption! 😉

    • I watched That Sugar Film and it made me fear sugar!!!!! I started cutting down and hopefully I ween myself off of it eventually. Pero, like, it’s so hard to say no to a donut! hahaha

  5. Same place as you on settling with the job. I have the best work-life balance and my boss lets me control my time, but I don’t think I’m growing within the company. I feel stuck, but comfortable. Also scared for my next possible job if I leave. Like you said, this is just temporary. Hope I’m not wasting time though.

    • Oh, Richel! I feel the same way. I’m super comfortable right now, too, and I hope that I’m not wasting my time here. I still look at other opportunities here and there, but the fear really does set me back.

  6. Been trying Korean skin care too. I’m currently using VItamin C cream for my eczema scars I hope it works. I feel like I’ve been losing weight too but I’m not really sure. lol

  7. Yay for the skincare routine that works! And as an ethnic Korea myself, you’re welcome XD I look forward to you writing about your routine!

    And ugh, don’t remind me of the season change. I abhor warm weather, so I’m honestly not looking forward to spring or summer. In fact, I find it already too warm, and I’m wanting the cold season to come back. Boo for global warming, honestly. This winter wasn’t that cold, either, except for that one super cold spell on my birthday.

    Woot for losing weight! If you go with the no-sugar route, I’m sure your body will thank you for it! :3 I need to get on with eating better myself, too!

    • Ahahahah! Thank you, Tara! There’s really something so different with Korean products. I was hesitant at first but I watched so many YouTube videos and your friend’s videos that I had to just take the leap!!

  8. Nothing much is happening with me, just enjoying my spring break and sleeping in. IT IS fantastic to say the least, but I understand the dissatisfaction in one’s life, but I am trying to change that and make it better. I’m trying to do things that fulfill me as a person. Maybe you can do that too? Start small and then go big. That’s how it is for me. Little steps!

    • Yes, baby steps! I’m trying to focus on smaller victories here and there rather than always looking at the bigger picture. Understanding the whole of our circumstances is important, but it’s equally important to notice the little things.

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