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#TravelBackThursday: Seattle, Washington, USA

Holy cow! I can’t believe I haven’t been back to Seattle in more than a year. In 2014, I made the trip to Seattle 4 times! So I kind of got in the habit of visiting Seattle very few months. It started becoming like a second home to me. My best friend is there, so I really do feel right at home whenever I’m in town.

In 2015 I traded the domestic flights for international ones, and I didn’t have a chance to visit Seattle at all. Lately, I’ve been missing The Town! So this week, without further ado, let’s journey back to one of my most favorite places!

Note: Bear with me, all of these photos were taken with an iPhone 5

My City’s Filthy *

I fell in love with Seattle many, many moons ago. I always knew that it was a place I would find myself in. When I was younger, I thought that I’d go to school there, possibly spend all of the rest of my life there. But, as things turned out for me, that bit of my ambition just became something like a pipe dream.

Nonetheless, I continued to be drawn by this city. Over the years I’ve gone back and forth, getting to know it for all that it is and loving it for all that it’s not. My Seattle is a mix of the typical touristy bits with an appreciation for the ordinary, which on the scale Seattle’s on, ordinary is much more wondrous.

The first few times I traveled there alone, I found bliss in the smallest things. I was just happy to walk around, people watch, and just take notice of the mundane bits of the city. I think there’s something interesting in every nook and cranny of this world, we just have to pay really close attention.

“To some extent, Seattle remains a frontier metropolis, a place where people can experiment with their lives, and change and grow and make things happen.”
–Tom Robbins, author


When it comes down to it, sure I’ll take all the sights and sounds Seattle has to offer, but I much prefer the feeling it gives me. I like knowing that I have complete anonymity there when I’m out and about on my own. Being able to experience anything, any place, on your own is something that becomes increasingly important as we get older. At least, that’s what I think. We have to put ourselves out there and see how we react to situations we’ve never been in to completely know every part of who we are. For that reason, I’m grateful that Seattle is there for me to always go back to.

* “My City’s Filthy” is a song by Seattle artists Grynch, Wizdom, and Fearce Vill


    • I know! I don’t even have an excuse hahaha but she should probably come up and visit me this time. I mean, she could haha

  1. I’ve never been to Seattle but it looks like an awesome destination. Thank you for sharing. I hope I could really visit this place someday. 🙂

  2. Same with Kristine, the sign had me laughing, lol. I kind of view Seattle as a music scene and I’d love to visit it someday soon. So jealous that you got to go there a lot of times now! Haha!

    • It’s totally a music scene. Every time I’ve gone, it fell on the same days as music festivals and block parties full of music!

  3. “Pls Do Not Fuck the Fans” sign got me laughing hard…! I’d love to visit Seattle someday especially since it’s the birthplace of grunge.

    • Hahaha I’m glad someone noticed it! I didn’t want to point it out, I actually did in my draft but then decided to take out that info haha! It was a Filipino store at Pike’s. I suppose they meant “flick,” but their letter spacing wasn’t so great.

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