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Life Lately 002: How To Make Decisions?

Daylight come and me wanna go home…

I think Alaska is the only place I’ve ever been where people actually count how many hours and minutes there are of daylight during the winter. And, on top of that, how many seconds of daylight we gain every day as spring approaches. You really do notice that after a long winter. I looked out of my office window the other day and couldn’t believe that there was still a bit of daylight past 5:00pm. I’ve always tried to explain to people how daylight works here in the winter and summer (we have 24+ hours of daylight in the summer), but you just have to live here or visit to understand. I’m sort of done explaining. Ha!


I’m debating on going back to Beijing this summer. Towards the end of last year, the participants of the 2015 camp were sent an email to re-apply and to attend the camp again this summer. I feel like the experience I had with last year’s campers can’t be duplicated, and it’ll always be special to me. However, I do think that I could have done more last year and I really wished I put in more effort. So, I’m sort of up in the air about it. I did fill out an application and I let the instructors know that I was interested. It’s just a matter of figuring out what I want if I get accepted again.

Job Woes

Last time, I wrote about how I’m looking to move on career-wise. I had landed an interview with a local organization for a position more in the lines of what I want to do. Initially, it was supposed to only be part-time, but they were able to expand the position to full-time and offer more benefits. The interviewer e-mailed me a few days before my interview and wanted to know if I was interested and — duh — of course I was! After the interview, she let me know there were a few more people she had to meet with, but I left with a really good feeling. I don’t know if I’m just getting my hopes up or if it really did go well. Hopefully being myself was enough, if not, I’m seriously considering bringing up all of my job woes to my boss. Maybe that’ll help make me feel less under-utilized. I just have to be careful about how to go about it, I guess.


Eatin’ Good, Livin’ Betta.

I can be active any day, but the amount of junk I’ve been consuming after the holidays (okay, I know it’s been like a month) has been ridiculous. So, I’m going back to gaining some self-control. I don’t really believe in dieting, but I do know it’s better for me to just be mindful about what I consume. I still eat anything, but for me it’s always been a matter of incorporating healthier ingredients and habits. I’ve developed some “food hacks” over the years that have helped me be in control. Maybe I’ll share them!

TL; DR? Alaska’s sun is coming back; I had a job interview; I suck at making decisions; I want to go back to China; I started eating like an adult who eats vegetables.

Anyways, what’s going on with all of you?


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  2. Yen, GO! Go back to China! Do it while you can, and while you’re young! I cannot stress this enough to you, kid. Bahaha!

    P.S. I dreamt of you last night; it was hilarious! Maybe I’ll text you the details instead. Bahaha! 😀

    • BAHAHAHAHA! Was I looking for a duck?

      I got an email today from my preferred airliner, it was my mileage statement plus a headline that said “Three Reasons to Visit China Now” and they sent me to this link. I was like, IS THIS A SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE?

  3. Oh, man — 24 hours of daylight/night /whatever would totally screw me over. If I have 24 hours of daylight, I’d invest in some super good curtain to block all sunlight from coming in my room when I try to sleep LOL.

    I hope you hear something back about the job! Fingers crossed!

    And dude, if you go back to Beijing, do a huge pit stop in Seoul 😀

    Also, food hack! Do share! Now I’m curious! Good on you for keeping some self-control! That’s one area I currently lack. Ack! Should work on that LOL

    • You know what, I totally looked at flights from Beijing to Seoul and it’s really doable budget-wise haha! I will of course let you know if I do make my way there!!!!

      My food hacks are pretty simple so I will share!!

  4. The daylight counting is confusing! Why do they count it? Hehe

    Goodluck with your job hunting! Wish yo could actually get that one! 🙂

    I do believe in diet, but not the kind of diet that you have to starve yourself. Just no. Balanced diet is the way to go! I eat anything to, anytime I want. And I don’t count calories, because life is too short to count calories. Haha Maybe we just have to eat anything moderately. And also, add some exercise 🙂

    • Thanks, Mei!!! I have no idea why they count it haha. To this day, the exact reason is a mystery to me. I think it’s just part of Alaskan culture — you gotta find something to do in the winter haha! I think just the term “dieting” has connotations I don’t really agree with. I think it really has to be about you, your lifestyle, and making changes that are practical!

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