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Life Lately 001: Earthquakes & Changes


My brother sent me this photo after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit southcentral Alaska over the weekend. I was in bed when it hit, and I was jolted wide awake. Living on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” I’m used to earthquakes — big and small. However, this one lasted quite a long time, longer than I remember any earthquake. We did have a small one a couple weeks back, it was really small and I only swayed back and forth in my chair while I was sitting at my desk. I do remember being in an earthquake after-hours at my old job, on the 19th floor of the 3rd tallest building in the city. That was an experience. I’m just glad that after all of this, everyone is safe. Although, I can’t help but think that we’ve just had too many earthquakes these past few years. It sort of scares me, even if I feel totally prepared for them.


I think when you live through something like this, not knowing how big or small the outcomes will be, you’re kind of forced to reevaluate your path. I know it might be a weird correlation to make with an earthquake that only did some damage, but natural disasters are freaking scary. Nothing is really promised to us, and we can’t ever expect anything to happen for us in this life. That’s why, even if timing is off, you have to start moving towards what it is that you want.

I’ve been looking around for a new job. I do love [and loathe] where I work, but I think I’m reaching a point where it’s time to move on. I’ve been with the same overseeing entity for four years now, and I just don’t think I belong in this realm anymore. It’s not the side of public service I want to be on. I’d rather be more active. So, sort of on the whim, I applied for a couple positions that I thought would help me exercise both my interests and career goals. I have an interview lined up next week with one position that I thought I was extremely under qualified for, but I guess I wasn’t too far off. Here’s hoping it goes well!


Hi Justin Bieber, I never thought I’d put you on my blog but your latest album is pretty good and I actually bought it.*


My favorite dancers, Keone and Mari Madrid, danced in Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” video for Purpose: The Movement. Since then, I’ve loved the song and it was actually this song that made me purchase The Biebs’ entire album. “Love Yourself” isn’t so much of an anthem for self-appreciation and empowerment, but there is some sort of message in there. Something that tells you that it’s better to figure out sooner than later that there are parts of your life that just need be cut off. You don’t always have to live for other people, and you can’t expect toxic people to have your back. That’s where I’m at, again.

I figure, I’m only getting older, I’ve only wasted so much time, and I can only try to make up for it. I’m at a constant uphill trying to prove to myself, and only myself, that I can do so much more.

What have you been up to?


*Photo courtesy of Justin Bieber’s people — I don’t know, but it’s obviously not my photo.


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  2. Glad to hear you were okay! Heard about the recent Taiwan earthquake before reading this post of yours. Natural calamities are terrifying – and completely unpredictable. πŸ™

    • It’s crazy to know also that the Taiwan earthquake was a smaller magnitude than the one we just had!!!

  3. I read about the earthquake on the news when it happened. I’m just glad you are all safe!

    Best of luck with looking for a new position! Four years is a long time to commit a company, and it’s understandable if you feel you need to get another job to grow professionally. I feel like that’s the case for a lot of people sincesome companies are hesitant to give raises and promotions after so many years. :X

    • Four years is definitely a long time, now that I think about it. It’ll be five years this next month!!! Ahh! I do think it’s time to grow and the first signs of that was when I started feeling under utilized.

  4. Accccck. I can’t imagine . . . Korea never gets any major earthquake. One time I felt something, and I’d no idea it was a little earthquake until my dad pointed it out. I know I’d be scared out of my mind if I were to experience an earthquake with a huge magnitude! Glad you’re all right from it, though!!!

    And I wish you the best on your job change/hunt! Hope you get something good!

  5. Nature is beautiful and frightening!

    I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else besides here in Hawaii right now, but I try to convince myself once in a while to choose somewhere safer, haha. We’ve been safe throughout my lifetime so far though, but that can’t last forever. πŸ™

    I’m glad everyone was safe there! And I hope the earth calms down enough to heal itself before something CRAZY happens. I always tell myself that at least “tsunami” or “lava” would sound like a pretty good story for my epitaph, just to keep things on the bright side, haha. Not that I hope for it, at all.

    Be safe. <3

    • Haha, that’s a good way to look at the bright side! Stay safe! Oh, and, Hawaii must’ve been a beautiful place to grow up!

  6. My reaction to this postβ€”I’ve already texted you the day after this happened. LOL! I hope y’all are OK!

  7. OMG Eartquakes are the worst! I remembered having a really huge one here in Iloilo. It keeps on shaking on and off for the whole week! I love Justin’s new album too but some of his songs are overplayed haha.

    • My favorite song is totally overplayed hahaha! I’m terrified of any natural disaster but I try to calm myself down with the safety measures we’ve learned growing up. But still, earthquakes, landslide, etc. freak me out!!!!

    • It was the longest two minutes of my life! When I first felt it, I could only feel a little shake, and then it intensified right before it started slowing down!

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