Month: December 2015

On 2015

If you’ve followed me long enough for the short lifespan of this blog, you know that I often recollect the past. It keeps me grounded, in a sense, and it helps me measure how far certain aspects of my life have come. I don’t tend to use all my reflections as a way to see how much I’ve grown, but naturally it becomes that way in some instances. I guess it’s an annual ritual that’s important for me — to look back before I move forward.

What is this even for?

I hate boxes, the figurative ones. The ones we put ourselves in even when we want to be or know that we are free-spirits. The stupid boxes suck. They suck the life out of all of us and make everything monotonous. I hate papers. I hate pushing papers. I hate paper-cuts. I hate recycling paper (even though we should all be recycling, but stay with me.) I wasn’t put into this world, with this mind full of unrealistic [but possible] goals for this. I’m impractical, and impractical people can’t be ordinary. Today is one of those days, where I repeat in my head over and over again “Is this really it?” The answer every single time is, “Hell no!” I think I reached today’s breaking point when I was told (mind the wording, not even asked) to plan the Christmas party. I’m all about Christmas, but what the hell? Is this all I’m worth, the event planner for a stupid Christmas party. I’ve got responsibilities, too. Why prioritize a Christmas party? Are you joking? You must be …