There’s one thing I’m quite certain that I’m not very good at — blogging. Or, at least ‘blogging’ in terms of what that word itself has become, what it means to be a ‘blogger’. I think this is a theme that I often revisit, mainly because I think personal blogging is dying. At any rate, all of my posts are turning into ‘life-lately-esque’ writing and I’m fine with that. I’d rather not be drowning you in other content that you can find anywhere else. Sure, I’ll probably get sucked in and join one of these bandwagons every now and then, but I just don’t have the energy to invest into all of that right now. So for now, you’re stuck with me recounting my life as it is in this moment.

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Where I’ve Been

I’m alive, guys! I haven’t been doing much blogging lately because I’ve been focusing on school and work. I’ve also become a little bit more active in the language learning community, so most of my time has been filled up with homework, work, and Chinese! It’s been a really hectic time for me, and in the midst of all of this I’m planning a vacation with my mother. Emphasis on mother. Anyways, I’m taking a breather just to figure out where I’m at with everything. It’s good to break things down every now and then, right?

My family is going to the Philippines in December. I haven’t been back since 2011, and a lot of ish goes down in 4 years. We’re going back for a wedding! This is a photo from a resort in Bauang, La Union. If you didn’t know, I was born and partly raised in the City of San Fernando, La Union. Which makes me Ilocano (Yeee! Pinakbet!). I’m excited to go back with most of my family, and I’m really looking forward to going back to my old stomping grounds as a kid. The last time I went to the Philippines, I was only in La Union for 1 day. inserts infinite sad faces I’m glad that most of our time will be spent in the province I love the most.

I’m so sad and sleepy, guise. I’ve been spending a lot of my time at our student union’s computer lab. And, sure, I’m on my blog right now (see photo), but most of the time I’m doing these dreadful assignments on an online module. Which, seriously Professor Hater, if I wanted to take an online class I’d take an online class. #STOPLAZYTEACHERS2015


We finished moving, thank the LAWD! Between the three of us, we’d accumulated so much stuff after living at our old place. It’s really the only place Kaien’s ever known. This was the scene on moving day, and it doesn’t even account for the stuff that we had in our rooms. I think this batch was mostly office stuff and shoes. We have too many shoes. We’re about a month settled in at our new place, and we’ve still got 3 boxes of junk left. I think we’re slowly coming to a realization that those boxes are heading to the dumpster.

It’s here ❄⛄ A photo posted by Shayne (@shayneblogs) on

It snowed. It finally snowed. I think I jinxed it. Sorry, Anchorage. It was a slow drive on the first day of snow, and also the next day, and also this morning, and maybe even tonight. It’s really icy out right now and it took me 45 minutes to get to work, versus the normal 15. We weren’t ready for it! None of us were. It was a crisp fall day the day before it snowed, then BOOM! Snow on a Friday morning! We thought it was going to be a Halloween without snow again, but it wasn’t. I’m hoping this is a sign that winter will actually be more winter like this year. Winter these past few years have been a joke.

Among other things, like I mentioned, I’ve been keeping busy with language learning. I’ve actually signed up for italki, and have become language exchange partners with a few people. I basically just help them with their English questions, and they help me with my Mandarin. It’s a win-win! I’m hoping to become a community tutor eventually so I can use it as a sort of stepping stone to the new direction I’ve embarked on these past couple of months. I’ll let you in on that some other time.

Anyways, what have y’all be up to? Let’s catch up!

*Note: This post contains one referral link. I don’t get paid, but I get credits on italki for language lessons! :))) Help a sista out, plz.

I wasn’t going to include this because it looked tacky, but I recently turned my mother into a Bitmoji and her life hasn’t been the same since.