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On Time

I talk about time a lot. I think about it a lot. How much of it has gone, how much of it is left, how much I know nothing about what to do with, how much I don’t have of it, how much I have to make of it, how much I haven’t done with it. I think, after everything, I try to make the most of whatever opportunity pops up, regardless of how impractical or how many people might be against my decision.

I’ve never really had an opportunity to figure out who I am, without any association to any other circumstance. I don’t know myself as well as I should, and that’s okay because we’re all constantly evolving anyway. But, I’d like to know about how I feel about other places, situations, realities than where I’m at. I always thought I’d do that, but I couldn’t, and now that I’ve had a taste of it, it’s all I want to do. And, I want to bring everyone I love along with me, but that makes me feel selfish. What if that isn’t the life they want?

But I see it this way. Time is not infinite. It’s also not cheap or something that should be thought of passively. Time is the most expensive thing we can ever spend on in life. It’s crucial. As soon as you have it, it flees, and you look for more. The supply and demand for it is unreal. So, f******* splurge.


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  3. Time is definitely something we all take for granted. Time and life are both short, and they are something we need to make the most of. At least that’s what I tell myself, but sometimes, when I’m dragging myself through my boring work day, I don’t feel very motivated to make the most of it LOL.

    • Hahahah! Okay, you got me there. Of course there are some instances where you don’t need to make the most of anything, really. lol

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