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Oh, hi! Look what’s empty again. I’ve got to stop building these things – blogs. I’m back on WordPress, self-hosted with A Small Orange. Whoop! I am debating on uploading my entire archive from Squarespace, but that might take some time to put online since Squarespace exports don’t save images. SS also doesn’t have a file manager, so my photos are just floating in the middle of Nowhere, Internet. This move was a lot harder than I thought it would be; thanks Squarespace. So, my posts are literally empty, just words. I may just delete all of the picture heavy stuff, random posts that I posted just to have something posted, and other stuff that I don’t care to have online anymore. At any rate, here’s to new beginnings, I guess. Welcome to an all new ShayneBlogs.com, back to basics and putting my life in a blog.


  1. This whole time I was waiting on an announcement and I think I may have missed it. LOL. I am so wary of leaving self-hosted WP because I’m afraid things just might get lost during a transition. And it’s just a bitch to have to re-insert photos to every blog entry.

    • OMG YES! So I only saved the ones without all of the photos! I’m so glad I kept backups! I would’ve lost it if I had to re-upload, re-edit everything!! I’ll stay self-hosted forever now. Everything I need is here!

  2. Ay, I’ll make sure I export it to my still-existing WP.com site if I decide to go self-hosted in the distant future! Thanks so much, Shayneeeh!

  3. Woot for new . . . beginnings? Sucks that your photos wouldn’t be exported, but at least “starting over” can be good as you figure out how to re-structure everything 🙂 I’ve thought about doing that once in a while with mine, but . . . I’ve been doing the same thing since 2002. I really don’t want to start over LOL.

    Looking forward to your “new” blog, Shayne! And congrats on being self-hosted at ASO! 😀

    • I’m starting to rebuild some of my posts so hopefully they’ll be up soon! I’ve only saved 30 of the 200+ that were on my blog. A lot of what I posted was pretty MEHHHH. I don’t really need them in my life anymore haha!

      I’m really glad I chose ASO! They were really helpful with the transfer and even helped me contact Squarespace to let me go! My domain was stuck in limbo with Squarespace for 2-3 days. They hadn’t disconnected it and had it as a “third-party” domain. But ASO save the day! Woooo!

  4. Hi there, I’ve visited your old blog some time but how nice that you’ve gone self-hosted! I checked at A small orange for hosting but they seemed too expensive and I probably wouldn’t be able to figure out how to set up my blog platform (Ghost) anyway.
    However, good luck with your new blog, and keep writing!

    • I used a one-click install. The ASO cPanel has built-in Softaculous! It’s an auto-installer that’s got tons of scripts ready to install with just a click. It also keeps itself updated. Softaculous has Ghost and tons of other blogging platforms, too! 🙂

      • Sadly I don’t think Ghost works with the cpanel there, I think they use some other technology to install it. Ghost is different that WP and other php scripts. I’ve only seen it work smoothly with one cpanel hosting but they had other issues instead. 🙁 It’s great that you can install WordPress so smoothly though.

  5. Is it strange that I visited your blog yesterday, and found that you’ve already made the move?? Hahaha! #creeper

    Also, OMG, the images on Squarespace are not included in the exported files??

    • Shayne says

      They’re not included and Squarespace couldn’t do anything about it since I had canceled my account. 🙁 I’m only keeping my China posts and some of my old posts from “Book of Shayne” days hahaha, remember those?

      • Somehow I feel like I’m not supposed to be here yet, but you should know that you’re one of my daily blog reads (regardless if you haven’t posted anything new)!

        You mean should I think about moving back to WordPress, I need to keep a physical backup of all photos I have in my blog?? 😮

        • Yes! Definitely keep backups! What I was told by Squarespace is , had I imported my blog into a WordPress.com site, the images would have automatically uploaded into my media library. However, since I’m WordPress self-hosted, it doesn’t have that capability. huhuhuhu

          • And OMG, of course you should be here! Of all people, you’re like my first genuine reader hahaha

          • Paano naman if you exported it first to WP.com, then import it to your self-hosted site. It should work, diba??

            [Clearly, I’m taking notes for future reference. Hahaha!]

          • I tried that na Te! But I did it too late because they deleted my data sa Squarespace already, so everything was blank. huhuhuhu Maybe if you do a backup on WP.com it will work because your site is still running on SS. 🙂

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