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We’re finally packing! I mean, it’s only 3 days out until we’ve got to officially move to our new place. Please don’t judge us, we’re busy people! Ha! I’m pretty proud of myself for getting rid of even more clothes. Although, I’m also pretty disappointed in myself for having spent money on said clothes that were hardly worn. Earlier this year, I had cleared out a load out of my closet but held on to some that held sentimental value because I’m sort of in denial that I’m a hoarder.

We started on a wish list for the new place. Since this place that we’re at now actually came fully furnished (except for beds), we’ve got to buy new furniture which makes the control freak inside of me SUPER EXCITED because I can get whatever I want! I am also finally aiming to actually make our new place look nice and decorate it to make it more of a home instead of a place we all crash at night. I am stuh-oked.

Side note: Grammarly is not liking my slang.

Anyway, this morning I had a few Skype calls and got an email from a company which employs people virtually to carry-out long/short term projects. They also have permanent employees, so I’m looking into it. As you might now, I’m trying to see what else is out there aside from where I’m at now. I’ve also talked to a really good friend of mine who’s switching it up and going to school full-time and she was able to get help with all of that. I’m thinking about doing the same so it can give me more time to work on my priorities i.e.: family, doing work I care about, eating, sleeping, lelz. I just feel like I can apply myself to something else that can make me feel like I have a purpose because pushing papers really isn’t it. It can’t be.

Anyways, y’all! How was your Monday? What do you have happening this week?


    • Yes, I did! I’ll send you mine once I’m sure what unit number our new place is. I think I’m transposing a number somewhere, so I don’t want to send you the wrong address. Hahaha I can’t wait to be moved in. Although, it’s rainy/snowy now so this should make moving interesting.

      • Well, yeah, speaking of a wrong address… We’re kind of annoyed that UPS (United Protection Service?) sent our parking permit to the wrong unit number, and we were only notified last night.

        P.S. It’s been a month since we sent a request. WTH.

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