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A World In Us

I’ve always believed that the people we meet, circumstances we find ourselves in, and how we come out of it all are no accidents. I don’t believe in coincidence; I much more like the idea of fate. When I look back at who I’ve met, what I’ve been through, and when it all happened, I take away little bits of new understanding or a rejuvenated outlook on life. Call me a sap, but that’s how I think of the people we meet, even if it’s just a passive, small wrinkle in time.

This is how July came and went for me: Imagine for a second, you’re in a completely new country. You don’t know a lot of people. Yet, you’re sharing the same experiences, the same space, the same environment. Presumably, you are forced by the universe to connect with each other. And, you do this without question. I mean, you can’t question the universe, because nature controls us all anyway. It takes a bit, but you do it. The second that you finally feel like you’re exactly where you should be, it all ends and you’re sent off on your way back home.

Although Beijing has remarkable attractions, I might not remember years from now what this building or that street looked like. It really isn’t a matter of what I’ll remember, but who. I’ll remember the talks, funny happenings, that God-forsaken song we heard over and over, and the stories we were all a part of. So, thank you, to every person I met on this trip. It might have been in passing, but the time we spent together was truly an experience needed by everyone at least once in a lifetime.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

— Anaïs Nin

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