Month: August 2015

Tales of The Great Wall

I’ve sat on this post for a while, thinking of the right way to describe it all. I even looked through my fellow campers’ photos to see if that could draw some inspiration for what I’d say. I still don’t have any words, just that The Great Wall of China has to be experienced. It has to be. You have to live through it at least once. Photos, words, none of what I’m attempting to do can even compare to the magnitude of the situation itself. It’s beyond me, you, everything you’d ever thought it would be like.

Instead of going on and on about how marvelous the sights were, let me get down to the real experience with stories from the day. I’d say, this day will forever live in the hearts of everyone I was with — no matter how different our perspectives.

我的家 “My Family”

One of the first activities we had in Beijing was a home visit with a typical Chinese (Beijinger) family. I honestly wished this was one of the last activities of the trip, or that we were able to meet with the families throughout the course of our learning. My Mandarin at that point was still a bit lacking, more than I had thought.

You see, Beijingers have a very innate accent. It’s one that you have to get used to, especially someone like me who’d only heard classical or traditional Chinese. They also have different slang and even if I tried to speak with my best accent, they’d probably never completely understand what I was saying. Or, they’d know right off the bat I hadn’t been in Beijing long enough to grasp it in its entirety.