My Semi-American Life

“Semi-American” is a term no one uses, because I just made it up for the purpose of this post. Honestly, a lot of the immigrant experience is hard to articulate because it can’t be generalized.  So, “Semi-American” is the only way I can describe how I personally feel. Culturally, I’m not totally American. And, although my genetic makeup says I mostly am, I’m not totally Filipino. I am and will always be stuck between the two.

I don’t believe my parents could have ever prepared me for what my life would become after immigrating to America when I was in kindergarten. My dad might have been able to give me insight, he moved to the U.S. in high school, but it’s not like I was asking for it growing up. All of what I have learned about the Asian/Filipino American experience, I had to learn for myself.

Warning: This is a lengthy one. I have a really good memory, seriously. I also have a lot to say.

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