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The Push

When you’re just about to move past your mid-twenties, have a family, settled with a really good job, and then on top of it decide to finish your degree — you’re not playin’! You’re not messing around with time. You’re not about failing. It’s your time. It’s (mostly) your money. It’s all you.

Then, even when your decision to go back to school was ultimately all about you so you can further yourself and your career, it turns out to be more about the people you love, too. With that thought, you realize that when you’re sitting in class right next to people who have no idea who you are, watching someone present an endearing Powerpoint about their trips and experiences studying abroad, you know.

You just know. You’re not like anyone else in the room sitting at a student’s desk. You’re not about to go to China even if the whole hour and a half is going to be spent on talking about opportunities to learn, work, and live in China. You’re not going to do that, because you can’t.

No matter how exciting it seems and how much of your spirit is still that kid who’s itching to explore and find out about the world, you find every excuse not to even try. I can’t leave work. I can’t leave my family. I can’t leave anything or anyone. I can’t be alone. I’m too old.

But, you want to know what’s really going to save you? Someone who knows you, understands every bit of you, and is willing to help you sacrifice is going to tell you that you can and it’s not too late. That’s the only push you need. That’s the greatest thing, and hearing it will make you feel the most grateful feeling. It’ll feel like you won the lottery. Except, instead of a million bucks, you won a million good souls.

So, with every ounce of my being I’m telling you now. I am going to China. Details soon.

There is nothing like trying.
Good opportunities are hard to come by, but are easily lost.

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